Fat plants

Notocactus haselbergii

Notocactus haselbergii

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mostly from the desert lands of southern America,
these plants have a globular growth habit, which tends to become cylindrical over the years. The spines, which are of different colors, may also have the shape and diameter
different in relation to the position in which
They are.
Usually those in the middle are more
straight and thick while the side ones
they are slightly arched and smaller in diameter. The flowers, which develop
on the apex of the plant, they are large in size and yellow in color with red shades.
The plants bloom after several years, although some variety soon after
3-4 years already presents inflorescences. They need a lot of light: for this reason the Notocactus resists very well also to the direct irradiation of the sun's rays for several hours a day. However, direct exposure should be avoided during the hottest hours of the day. Like most succulent plants, even this one does not tolerate water stagnation and high humidity levels: for this reason, in winter, water must be limited to what is strictly necessary. These plants tolerate low temperatures quite well, even if the minimum temperature should not fall below 4 degrees. Reproduction is performed through cuttings, seeds or suckers.

Notocactus haselbergii

Plant with globular growth, which can reach 14 cm in diameter and which has spiral ribs formed by small bumps. At the apex of these protuberances are the thorns, not very hard, grouped in small groups of yellow / white color. The flowers of this species of Notocactus can last several days and are usually red in color.

Notocactus leninghausii

Plant with cylindrical bearing that reaches with difficulty the 7/8 cm of diameter, composed of ribs on which areola are, from which the quite soft spines start. The plant flowers after several years. The flower is yellow and the dimensions are well proportioned with the plant.

Notocactus haselbergii: Notocactus broom

Plant with cylindrical globular habit, is composed of ribs on which are the areolas, from which sprout white and soft thorns. At the center of the areola part a central spine, which is usually harder and of a darker color than the surrounding ones. The flowers, very showy, are of yellow color.