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Repellent pets

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Question: Pet repellents

You can help me?
Under the glass window of the room I have a florist of 4 meters by 50 centimeters ... I'm desperate I don't know what to plant anymore, in my garden a lot of cats run around and I don't know why they always do their needs in my flower box making die any what planted.
The planter is to the north and the direct sun does not even arrive in summer, cmq I have some boxes under the windows always in the same wall where the geraniums live very well.
Thank you in advance for your help and have a nice day.

Pet Repellent: Answer: Pet Repellents

Dear Laura,
Thank you for contacting us via the "" Expert's section.
The problem of free-running animals is a problem shared by many green lovers. Cats that do need in planters, dogs that dig in the garden are just a few examples.
Regarding problems with your planter and cats, we recommend using repellents for cats that you can easily find on the market.
In this regard, he reminds us that he has beautiful geraniums, which cats obviously do not destroy and therefore could try to move them to the planter under the window.


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