Rot of geraniums

Rot of geraniums

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Question: Rot of geraniums

Who could tell me why all my potted geraniums have the inside of the BLACK twigs, as if they were rotten? I'm desperate, help me !!!

Rot of geraniums: Answer: Rot of geraniums

Dear Giancarlo,
probably your geraniums have been too watered and this has caused a radical rot that prevents the sap from reaching the apical parts of the same. Then withdraw them in a sheltered position (minimum 5 degrees) and suspend every watering until the earth is completely dry. Then provide treatments with fungicidal products. In early March, you completely replace the land that should no longer be used (as the infection can last for several years).
It is always a good idea to avoid stagnant water and always use well-drained soils.
Please note, however, that if the damage is already very high, any attempt may be vain. We hope it's not like that.
See you soon.


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