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Sow the avocado

Sow the avocado

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Question: Sow the avocado

Hi, my name is Edward and I have a question to bring:
long ago I bought an avocado fruit in a shop and put the stone in a glass of water. helped by toothpicks, I avoided it coming into contact with the glass and kept the water level so that the core was always immersed for 5 or 6 mm in the liquid,
Now, after 5 weeks, the stone, after opening, has produced a small root in water. Question: how can I put it in a vase and what type of soil should I use to produce a plant?

Sow the avocado: Answer: Sow the avocado

Dear Edward,
Thank you for contacting us about the questions on the AVOCADO, through the "" expert's column.
The Avocado (Persea Gratissima) is a plant native to Central and South America and is widespread in tropical and sub-tropical areas on all continents. Cultivated for the fruit, the Avocado, in the areas of origin, reaches heights of 6-20 meters. It has persistent and leathery leaves with an oblong shape. It produces inflorescences (panicchie) at the ends of the branches, with a greenish color. The fruits are green-brown drupes with light green flesh and seed of considerable size.
In Italy it is cultivable very well in the south and in the coastal areas, while in the north it requires shelter during the winter period.
Avocado prefers fertile and well-drained soils.
It also requires consistent fertilization, especially in the phases of full production. During the summer it must be irrigated abundantly.
Pruning must be done, in the early years, so as to quickly form robust main branches (structure) from which the secondary branches that will flourish will then be distributed.
The plants obtained from the seeds are normally used as a rootstock for the most productive varieties.
In his case we advise you to consolidate the roots that have formed, then place the seedling in a pot with very soft soil, keeping it moist to favor the formation of the roots and the plant.
In the following winter it can be transplanted into a larger pot with all the earth lump. It grows a couple of years and then, if the climate in its area allows it, it can be planted in the ground.


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