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Repotting ficus benjamin

Repotting ficus benjamin

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Question: Reptido ficus benjamin

Good morning.
I am Paola and I would like to ask you for information about my ficus benjamin.
They told me that ficus beniamino plants prefer the narrow vase and should be repotted only when the roots start to come out of the ground. It has been more than a year now that my ficus is in the same pot, and it seems to me now narrow: I would therefore like to repack it in a slightly larger pot. Can I do it now or is it better to wait? In that case, what is the best time?
Thank you for your attention right now.

Reptolating ficus benjamin: Answer: Reptolating ficus benjamin

Dear Paola
Thank you for contacting us about the questions related to your Ficus Benjamin plant through the "" Expert's column.
The genus Ficus belongs to the family of the Moracee and is a green plant of tropical origin: this type of plant requires the environmental conditions of the country of origin to grow appropriately, among these the temperature stands out for its importance (the optimum must remain between 22 and 28 ° C). Lighting must be of medium intensity, and watering, both in summer and winter, must be carried out in order to keep the soil moist without water stagnation. This fact is very important because strong water stagnations would deprive the vitality of the plant compromising the development and growth of the leaves. It is also recommended that the water at the time of watering is not too cold, but rather at room temperature, and not taken directly from the tap because the contained chlorine acts negatively on root growth. The fertilizations must then be regular and with useful elements, because the plant shows falls of leaves also for lack of adequate fertilization.
Ficus is a plant typically grown in pots because, fearing low temperatures, it must be kept in sheltered places in the coldest months. The Ficus are repotted every two years, in April, this we advise them to transplant:
1. keep all the "ground bread" of the central plant core intact
2. eliminate part of the canopy only lightly and trim the broken roots.
3. immediately place the extracted plant in the new pre-established area at the same depth it was in and water it abundantly immediately afterwards and in the following weeks.
We also advise you to take 10-12 cm long shoots from the side shoots that you can root to get new plants to put in pots.
Yours sincerely.


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