Mimulus variegatus

Question: Mimulus variegatus

Dear Editor.
Through a gardening magazine, I learned about an evergreen perennial plant, called MIMULUS VARIEGATUS "QUENN'S PRIZE", (besides being beautiful it is also decorative) they told me that there are other species besides this one, is it true?
I would like to kindly indicate to you the names of nurseries that have these seeds.
Thank you in advance, and send my best regards.

Mimulus variegatus: Answer: Mimulus variegatus

Dear Mrs. Ira,
Thank you for contacting us about the Mimulus Variegatus via the "" Expert's section.
Mimulus is a genus of 100 species of herbaceous plants, annual and perennial, moderately rustic. In the spontaneous state these plants grow in swampy soils, although they can also be cultivated in tendentially damp garden soils. The perennial species, short-lived, are suitable for cultivation in borders, in the rock garden and near ponds and ponds. The flowers are similar to those of snapdragons.
They are planted between March and May, in the sun or in partially shaded positions, in all constantly humid garden soils. Some species can also be cultivated in pots, in front of windows or in greenhouses. Answering your question as already mentioned there are other species that you can find in specialized garden or nurseries in your area.
With best regards