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Question: Sarracenia

good evening, they gave me a seedling: sarracenia 'stevensil' how can I take care of the magnificent seedling donated and that is growing visibly. now it has a 10 cm small pot, when I can change pots and what kind of soil I have to
thank you for your kind attention.

Sarracenia: Answer: Sarracenia

Dear Tomasina,
We thank you for contacting us about your questions about your sarracenia, through the expert's address book.
To the genus Sarracenia belong 10 species of herbaceous plants, carnivorous, evergreen, without stem, cespitose, rustic, semirustica and delicate.
In the spontaneous state they grow in swampy areas of North America.
They are grown in terrines or cold greenhouses. The leaves, elongated, hollow in the shape of an urn, contain a liquid substance, in which insects drown; subsequently they are digested. The flowers, pendulous, solitary, 5-10 cm wide, are formed by 5 prominent sepals, 5 petals and a pistil equipped with an ostentatious umbrella-shaped stigma.
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