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Question: Because Sanseveria grows little

I am Pasquale Del Mastro and I have already written to you to know the name of a plant, of which I hope to send you a photo soon. Now I am writing to you about a sanseveria who gave me as a present, I have had it for over a year and it has issued a single leaf that has reached the size of the others. Right in the center there are other small leaves that remain so. I would like to know why and if I can do something to help it grow?
Ah! It is all medium-sized green and then I have another with green leaves edged with a strip of yellow.
I hope you answer me as soon as possible.

Answer: Because Sanseveria grows little

Dear Pasquale,
Sanseveria is a slow-growing plant that produces few faults in a
year. This is why you don't have to worry if you haven't done a lot of leaves.
Watering is very important. From spring to autumn the compost is allowed to dry between one watering and another. During the summer instead they can be kept both in the shade and in the sun. From May to September, twice a month, is administered a
diluted liquid nitrogen-based fertilizer. For the rest, it is a plant that is fairly easy to grow and that does not present any major problems.
We look forward to the photograph of the plant whose name you want to know.