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Question: Information on corn salad

Good morning !! Please send me all possible information on cultivation and more, features, botanical form, etc ... of VALERIANA salad. And if there was any information on hidroponic cultivation (in water). Thanks !
Virginia Ortigara

Valerianella: Answer: Information on lamb's lettuce

Dear Virginia,
The lamb's lettuce, also called dolcetta or valeriana, is an essence that arises spontaneously in Italy and is generally cultivated for the leaves that are eaten raw, in salads.
It is an annual herbaceous plant that produces white or blue flowers that bloom in spring. The height of the plant reaches 30-40 cm. and the basal leaves, gathered in a rosette, are generally 3 to 7 cm long, although there are varieties with larger leaves.
The lamb's lettuce is an undemanding species and does not require special care. It prefers sunny areas and well-drained soils but also adapts to shady locations. Particular attention must be paid to watering, to be done only when the soil is very dry and in the evening hours. The sowing must be carried out preferably in winter, since, in the spring - summer period, in the presence of days with many hours of light, it is easy to go to flower.
During the cultivation period the soil must be kept free from weeds. To make the operation easier, it is advisable to proceed with sowing in rows, about 15 cm apart from each other, to allow for easy weeding. However, sowing is also possible.
The lamb's lettuce should not be confused with valerian (Valeriana officinalis), a fleshy perennial with spikes of flowers from white to deep pink and summer flowering. This is a species that can grow up to a meter high, also suitable for cold areas, which prefers sunny and well-drained soils. they are mainly used for the rock garden and for the borders.


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