Gray-green hedge

Gray-green hedge

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Question: A green-gray hedge

Dear experts,
I would like to form a hedge of green-gray plants. there is already a lavender.
I would like to put some sage. and then?
the garden is located in the Oltrepò Pavese, land of grapes, at a height of 500 m.
it is facing east, so there is sun in the morning.
thanks in advance.
will you answer me soon? spring is pressing ...
green greetings
Nene Garotta

Gray-green hedge: Answer: A green-gray hedge

Cara / o (?) Nene,
the plants you indicated are not very vigorous, so I must assume that the hedge you want to form is quite low (about 50-100 cm - no more) or am I wrong?
Then I point you to some small evergreen shrubs (probably more suitable to be used for a hedge, keeping the leaves even in winter) with gray-green foliage:
- Arctostaphylos "emerald Carpet": evergreen shrub with dense, low green-gray foliage that produces white flowers in spring (it is a plant that loves acid-rich soils and can be positioned in full sun);
- Hebe alicans: evergreen shrub that forms a thick mass of blue-gray leaves. In summer it produces white flowers in clusters.
Another interesting plant is the rue graveolans, with gray foliage, which produces bunches of yellow choir flowers in summer.
Then there would be two other plants, namely the helichrysum and the artemisia arborescens, both with gray-green foliage, but which are probably more suitable for areas with a mild climate.


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