Jasmine Habitat

Jasmine Habitat

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Question: jasmine

I would also like to know what kind of habitat is needed to grow a climbing jasmine.
Thanking you in advance, I greet you. Stefania Cavalieri

Jasmine Habitat: Answer: jasmine

You have to see which jasmine you refer to. Here are some tips for the most important species:
- jasminum officinale (white jasmine): it is a delicate plant that grows well in the southern areas of our peninsula. The flowers, very fragrant, appear continuously throughout the summer. In winter it is good to shelter it in a sheltered place;
- jasminum nudiflorum (yellow jasmine or St. Joseph): it is a rustic plant, which grows well even in the coldest areas. The flowers, slightly perfumed, appear from November to March on the branches of the previous year
- Trachelospermum jasminoides (or false jasmine): evergreen climber, with oval leaves, produces fragrant white flowers. It reaches several meters in height and is easy to grow. Resistant to cold.


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