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Leaves dracena marginata

Leaves dracena marginata

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Question: Dracena Marginata

The problem is a Dracaena Marginata, so there is written on the leaflet and from day to day that the leaves have started to sag and fall. This happens for the upper leaves, they turn yellow in the part attached to the bust, they collapse and fall .The plant is in a position not too exposed to the sun but the light comes to it. The only thing I found is that I gave a product for green plants, which must be diluted in water. This should not have been the case, given that it is a product especially for home green plants. Thanking you in advance, I send you my best greetings.

Leaves dracena marginata: Question: Dracena Marginata

Egr. Mr. Baldini,
Thank you for contacting us about the problem with your plants.
DRACAENA is a green plant of tropical origin that requires the environmental conditions of the country of origin to grow properly.
Having leaves that turn yellow and fall in the plant is a symptom of a non-ideal availability of light or temperature or excessive irrigation.
With regard to fertilization we recommend using the product


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