Lawn shade and conifers

Question: Lawn, shade and conifers

I am a passionate green lover and I find myself completely rebuilding the garden of my house. I state that inside the garden there are three pines at least 10 meters high and ... everyone told me that since there are pines, for sure my lawn will suffer from it. I would like to know what I can do to make me grow a beautiful and strong lawn, even with the proximity of the pines. The work should begin in August between redoing the curbs, glazing the old lawn and ... doing the whole underground irrigation system. a beautiful green lawn, I would be very grateful to you. passion for the garden and plants.

Lawn shade and conifers: Answer: Lawn, shade and conifers

Dear reader,
to resist the new lawn you want to create it is good that you regularly collect the needles which, falling from the pines, tend to acidify the soil and make the underlying grass die. As for the type of lawn I would recommend a suitable mixture for a RUSTIC and very resistant lawn composed of Lolium perenne, Festuca rubra and Poa pratensis. Each seed is present in the following percentages: 50% perennial ryegrass, 40% Festuca rubra, 10% Poa pratensis, called MISCUGLIO STADIO. If the soil has never been cultivated, it must be eradicated and destitute before plowing. Otherwise prepare it with a light plowing (15-20 cm deep) and fertilize with slow release fertilizer; also correct heavy soils with sand (a wheelbarrow per square meter) and peat (20 l per square meter).