Queen of the Alps, Blue thistle - Eryngium alpinum

Queen of the Alps, Blue thistle - Eryngium alpinum

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Name: Eryngium campestre L.
Harvest: The leaves in the summer, the roots from autumn until
to the collection of the leaves.
Properties: Sudorifero, diuretic, laxative, aperitif.
Family: Umbelliferae.
Common names: Starry thistle, boss, mouth of a donkey, cardone of the vineyards, salada del diavolo, eligio.

Queen of the Alps, Blue thistle - Eryngium alpinum: Used parts

Habitat: In arid lands up to 1200 meters.
Parts used: Roots and leaves.
Storage: The roots are cut and dried at a moderate temperature in the oven, the leaves are consumed only fresh.
Use: Decoctions and dyes for internal use.
Notes: The leaves, picked still young, can be put in vinegar or candied.


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