Properties Basil - Ocymum basilicum

Properties Basil - Ocymum basilicum

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Name: Ocymum Basilicum
Family: Labiatae
Common names: basaco, basalecc, basiri, basigal, baxaico, bergamo, brazil, real grass, fradica, ocimo, vasilico.
Habitat: plant that grows only if cultivated.
Parts used: leaves and flowers.

Properties Basil - Ocymum basilicum: Property

Harvest: the leaves before flowering, while the flowers in the summer.
Conservation: they are dried in the shade and must be kept in glass containers.
Properties: antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, bechic, digestive, stimulant.
Use: infusion of leaves or flower tops, vinous tincture and alcohol tincture. External use of infusion of leaves for rinses and gargles. It can also be pulverized for a starnutori use.
Notes: widely used in cooking for excellent sauces and exquisite sauces, also used for omelettes and soups.


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