Burdock - Arctium lappa


Name: Arctium lappa
Family: Composite
Common names: cappellaccio, causarazzi, cima de rani, cuoppo, dapazza, porcina herb, gardalan, gratacuel, ingaizzi, lambazze, repese, zecchitella.
Habitat: it grows mainly in meadows and uncultivated areas below 1500 meters in height.
Parts used: roots, leaves and seeds.

Burdock - Arctium lappa: Properties of Burdock

Harvest: the roots must be harvested only on plants that are one year old, mainly in autumn. The leaves are harvested during the summer, while the seeds are harvested in autumn.
Conservation: for the preservation of the roots, they cut into slices and are dried in the sun, while for the leaves it is advisable to dry them in the shade to avoid the loss of active ingredients (make sure to remove the stem from the leaves). After drying, the seeds should be stored in paper bags.
Properties: the root is diuretic, diaphoretic and purifying. The leaves are antipruritic, antiseptic and healing; while the seeds are purgative.
Use: Internal: Infusions or decoction of the root, infusion of seeds. Make poultices with leaves dipped in milk.
Notes: very effective against acne, make root decoctions 100 grams in a liter of water. Use the juice of the leaves to rub the scalp to prevent hair loss.