Coclearia - Cochlearia oficinalis


Name: Coclearia officinalis L.
Harvest: In spring.
Properties: Digestive, aperitif, stimulant, antirheumatic, purifying, antiscorbutic.
Family: Crucifers.
Common names: Tablespoon herb, cocolaria, cuciarella herb, cochlearia.

Coclearia - Cochlearia oficinalis: Properties

Habitat: In some regions of northern Italy it grows spontaneously: it needs a humid climate.
Parts used: All the pain, except for the flowers.
Storage: It is difficult to dry due to the high amount of water present in the plant.
Use: Tinctures, infusions and decoctions both for internal use and for sternum use (gargling, rinsing and washing).
Notes: The leaves of this perennial herb plant contain large amounts of vitamin C.