Feverfew - Chrysanthemum parthenium

Feverfew - Chrysanthemum parthenium

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Name: Chrysanthemum parthenium Bernh.
Harvest: In summer.
Properties: Calming, antiseptic, vermifuge, digestive, anti-inflammatory.
Family: Composite.
Common names: Chamomillona, ​​fever herb, bitter gum, bull's eye, bastard chamomile.

Partenio - Chrysanthemum parthenium: Property

Habitat: In shady areas, at any height and throughout Italy.
Parts used: Leaves and flowers.
Storage: The folgie must be used fresh, the flowers are dried in the shade lying in thin layers and then preserved in glass jars.
Use: Internal use: infusion and dyeing of flowers; sternum use: flower infusions for compresses against skin inflammation.
Notes: The flowers of this plant can be substituted for those of chamomile in the preparation of infusions and liqueurs.


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