Olive - European Olea

Olive - European Olea

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Name: Olea europaea L.
Harvest: The leaves all year round, the fruits in autumn and the bark in spring and autumn.
Property: laxative and emollient (oil extracted from fruits); diuretic, hypoglycemic, febrifuge (the leaves); astringent and febrifuge (the cortex).
Family: Oleaceae.
Common names: Wild Prognolis, Agghiastru, Olia, Euli, Auliva, Aggriddu.
Habitat: It requires temperate climates and close to the sea.

Oliva - European Olea: Property

Parts used: The bark, the leaves and the fruits.
Conservation: The bark and leaves are consumed fresh, the fruits in brine.
Use: Internal use: decoction and bark dyeing; external use: decoction of the leaves as a medicine against sores and wounds.
Notes: 100 grams of olives provide about 130 calories, in addition to vitamin A, calcium phosphorus, iron, sodium and potassium.


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