Garlic - Allium


Garlic is a plant of European origin, now cultivated in much of the globe, for gastronomic uses; it is a bulbous, of which the small bulbs in the kitchen are used. Garlic bulbs are divided into cloves, similar to cloves, and can be kept off the ground even for months, if kept in a cool, well-ventilated and dry place.
It is sown in the garden starting from autumn, for a harvest in late winter-early spring; the bulbs are eradicated from the soil when the thin linear leaves tend to dry up.
Garlic has been used since Roman times, and is now widespread in many cuisines, especially in the Mediterranean and Asian, but certainly garlic never fails in most European kitchens.
It is mainly used to flavor fish and vegetables, but in some recipes it is also used with meat; it is mainly used fresh, but retains its pungent aroma even if dried, so this use is also widespread.
Garlic is also prepared in oil and is also used to flavor the oil to be used in the kitchen, often together with chilli pepper; garlic oil maintains an intense aroma, therefore it is good to use it sparingly.
The great use of garlic in our kitchens is certainly due to ancient practice, when in the home you could not use freezers and refrigerators, and therefore fish and meat quickly took on unpleasant aromas: the addition of garlic at the time of cooking, with the its strong aroma, guaranteed to remove the bad smells taken from not really fresh foods.

Garlic - Allium: AiolŠ¼

L'aioli is a typical sauce of the Mediterranean area, it is a garlic-based sauce typical of some regions of France, Spain and Italy; it is prepared simply using garlic and salt, crushed in a mortar. When the garlic is reduced to a puree, continue to pound by adding extra virgin olive oil, until an emulsion is obtained, similar to a light mayonnaise. This sauce is simply used on bread, or is used to accompany grilled or boiled meat, or fish.
To keep the emulsion longer, once a little oil has been added a small boiled potato is placed in the mortar, which gives consistency to the sauce.
In Provence, it is also used to add to the ready-made aioli little egg whites, stiff, to make the sauce more soft and light.