Lavender has become part of the popular tradition thanks to its delicate, fresh and persistent fragrance. In fact, it has always been used to perfume
linen; once dried, its flowers are mostly collected in small bags and then placed in drawers and cupboards. Furthermore, with the essence of the flower, delicate soaps, Cologne water and other products for personal hygiene are obtained.

Lavender: Property

Among the main properties of Lavender we recall the ability to keep moths away; for this reason detergents based on Lavender are made which, in addition to releasing a delicate fragrance in the rooms, also play an important antiseptic action. However, it is due to the presence of a large number of bees and hornets near the plant during flowering and the consequent caution with which it is better to approach the plant to catch some strands that derives the meaning of Lavender in the language of flowers diffidence.