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Clover: General information

The term Trifoglio derives from the Latin Trifolium which means made up of three leaves, which is the shape that distinguishes the leaves of this plant. The clover has always been known for the sweetness of its nectar that attracts every kind of insect. There are numerous properties attributed to the Trefoil and they go from the calming power of the infusions obtained with the leaves of the plant, useful above all against seasonal evils, to the efficacy as an antidote for the poison. Finally, it should be emphasized that Trifoglio is the symbol of fertility; the Trefoil is in fact able to synthesize atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, returning fertility to it. In this regard, we recall that during the later phase of the rural era (1700) throughout Europe the practice of cultivating the no longer productive land with the Trefoil spread.


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