The colors of the sun

The colors of the sun: The colors of the sun

Given that the sun makes you want this year, why not fill the garden with its colors?
Many flowering plants, annual and perennial, delight gardens and terraces with innumerable golden colored buds, evoking, even in gray and cloudy periods like this, the most beautiful sunny days of July and August. Surely the main flower among these is the sunflower, with large corollas of all shades of yellow, which remain flowered throughout the summer; the sunflowers from which the oil is extracted are imposing plants, even two meters high, but there are many garden varieties, 20-50 cm high, with showy flowers, which develop easily in any soil and do not require much care. Similar in shape to the sunflowers we find coreopsis and heliopsis, with much smaller flowers, which bloom however very numerous, and which, being perennial, will also be seen in our garden even in the years to come.
Among the most "classic" flowers widely used as a border, but also in vase, we find the marigolds, of all the shades of orange and yellow, even mottled, with a simple flower, double or stradoppio; the bloom of the marigolds is among the most abundant, starting from April-May it can be carried out until the first cold ones; these small plants often tend to self-seed.
If we love the most unusual plants we can choose the abutilons, with rich and showy flowering, they are perennial in the milder regions, they must be hospitalized at home during the cold months in regions with cold winters; or we can sow amaranth directly, so particular with the "cat's tail" inflorescences.
If we love creepers we certainly already have a bignonia in the garden, which in summer is covered with large trumpet-shaped flowers, orange, yellow or red.
Other plants that evoke the sun, and that should never be lacking in a colored garden, are the nasturtiums, of which we can choose dwarf varieties, 15-20 cm tall, higher, up to 40-50 cm, or climbing, if we have of a pergola or a net to which they can be made to cling.
Among the shrubs I recommend the potentilla, often little considered among the flowering plants, over the years it develops a beautiful compact dense shrub with deciduous leaves, which in late spring is filled with small yellow or red flowers; there are also dwarf or creeping varieties, to be used as ground cover plants, which generally bloom in June-July.