The salad

Starting from February, until the end of the summer, we can sow what is called a cut salad or salad in the garden; they are salads of various types, from lettuce to endive, from radicchio to catalonia, which are sown to scale, every 15-20 days on small plots of land, and are harvested by cutting the leaves at the base, when they are high by 5 to 10 cm. In this way we obtain a delicate and crunchy salad, with small thin leaves, tasty and tasty.

This type of salad can already be sown in late winter; in areas with harsh winters we can sow then covering the ground with the woven fabric, so as to keep the soil moist and not too cold, facilitating seed germination even in the event of night frost.
on the market there are also small "mats" of non-woven fabrics that incorporate the seeds of salad inside, this type of sowing can be carried out in the vegetable garden, but we can also place the mats in trays to put on the window sills, moistening the fabric periodically we will get delicate and fresh salad, to be picked up every day.
Most leafy vegetables can be grown as salads, even those that growing may become excessively leathery, such as Catalonia or radishes; we can also use mixtures of different salads, to obtain a pleasant mixture.
Since we will harvest the leaves when they are very small, we can also add to the misticanza leaves that generally cannot be consumed in a raw salad, such as spinach, radicchio spadone, chard.
To add a special touch we can instead add aromatic herbs, such as rocket, dill, chives, watercress, tarragon, mint, in small quantities; or even the white radicchio, the pak choy seeds (the Chinese cabbage) with an aromatic taste, the mustard, or even the Chinese mustard.