Rosa Ashram

Rosa Ashram

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ASHRAM® News 2000
Magnificent Thea Hybrid of a sensational copper color with subtle reddish stripes. With this particular color and the interesting shape of the flowers, this variety is truly unique. Its growth is strong and upright. Very resistant to diseases. Variety also suitable for cutting. Light perfume.
This variety is also suitable for growing in pots, perfect, therefore, also for coloring balconies and terraces. This plant can grow up to around 120 cm in height. It has very particular flowers that are often used for unique floral compositions.

Rosa Ashram: Growing roses

The Ashram rose, which belongs to tea hybrids, can be cultivated with relative ease, given its good resistance to diseases and weathering. To have a copious and lasting flowering, it is good to place the specimens in sunny areas, where the plants can receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day.
If the summer climate is particularly hot, then, it is good to place the roses in a space that keeps them protected from direct sunlight in the hottest hours of the day. The ideal soil must be rich in organic substances and well drained, to avoid water stagnation. It is good to intervene with watering regularly, waiting for the soil to dry between one operation and another.


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