Rosa Lady Like

Rosa Lady Like

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A novelty in the "Classic Roses" of tea hybrids to be included in the "Thи Best" category. The bud opens slowly in a large full and perfect flower with an intense and pleasant fragrance. Its color is the real old rose. Very resistant plant to any type of fungus. And insensitive to the cold. It reaches a height of about 1.00 m.
The rose of this variety can be cultivated in pots and guarantee the possibility of setting up colored and perfumed corners, thanks to the intense fragrance that it gives off. It is also perfect as a cut flower, given the beauty and perfection of its flowers.

Rosa Lady Like: Growing roses

To obtain beautiful and vigorous Lady Like roses, complex and difficult interventions are not necessary, as this plant has a robust, resistant structure that is easily adaptable even in different contexts.
To have a more abundant flowering, however, it is good that the plants are placed in the sun, or in a very bright place and in a rich and well-drained soil, which does not allow the formation of water stagnations, often guilty of the formation of root rot or fungal diseases, which if not countered quickly, can be dangerous and difficult to eradicate.
As for the water supply, it is good that it is regular, above all, during the vegetative phase, always checking that the soil dries between one watering and another.