Sin of Joy

Sin of Joy

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This rose is characterized by large buds of a magnificent two-tone color: from peach-yellow to unusual yellow-orange shades that offer perfect flowers with a very pleasant scent. The adult plant usually reaches a height of 0.80 / 1.00 m.
It is a perfect rose to give unusual touches of color even to the most bare corners of any garden. It is a rather resistant variety to diseases, although, in the presence of rather unfavorable environmental conditions, with a too high humidity rate, it is possible that it is hit by scab.

Sin of Joy: Treating Roses

The Peccato di Gioia variety is a hybrid of tea that is appreciated for the beauty and the particular coloring of its flowers, which are compact and large.
To have luxuriant and healthy roses no particular cultural precautions are necessary, but it is important to choose the most suitable place for their cultivation; roses, in fact, develop best if placed in bright and sunny places, where they can receive direct sunlight at least in some hours of the day. If the summer temperatures are particularly high, then, it will be better to provide a half-shade arrangement, which guarantees a little protection when the sun is warmer. It is good to then plant the specimens of this type in a soft, draining soil with a good dose of organic substances.
In winter, then, it is good to intervene with pruning operations, which allow to remove the damaged parts and to give new vigor to the plant.


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