Rosa Violina

Rosa Violina

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The Violina rose has a great flowering with a delicate pink color. The pleasant fragrance of this variety slightly intensifies its romantic and nostalgic effect. The scent of this fantastic variety blends harmoniously with its strong, well-erected growth and the thick dark green foliage.
Its bush grows more than most of the other tea hybrids, reaching a height of about 1.50m.

Rosa Violina: Hybrid tea cure

The family of tea hybrids, to which the Paolina rose also belongs, is one of the most known and loved for its remarkable resistance to disease and the enduring flowering that makes these roses perfect to give a unique charm to any open space. Tea hybrids were born around the nineteenth century thanks to particular hybridizations between the classic European roses and the particular varieties coming from China; in this way, numerous varieties of the most varied colors have been obtained. The cultivation of these roses does not present any difficulty, but it requires some small tricks to get the best from their plants, such as choosing a bright place for their planting, which will allow them to benefit from direct sunlight. Also the choice of the soil is important, because, too compact a soil could cause the formation of water stagnations that would be harmful for the health of these wonderful pre-smoked flowers.