Martin de Senteurs

POLIANA ROSEMartin de Senteurs

The Martin de Senteurs is a variety of Polianta rose born in 2000. It shows itself as a bush of floribunde roses with bunches up to 10 buds. Its intense aroma and its salmon-orange-yellow color make it a rarity. It is a species rather resistant to the attack of pests and diseases, it presents a strong vegetation and a dark green foliage.

Martin de Senteurs: Cultivation

To best grow our roses, it is necessary to know the cultivation needs of each one. The polianta rose Martin de Senteurs appreciates an exposure to the sun or half-shade; the soil must instead be rich and well drained. Thanks to the splendid appearance of these rose gardens, the garden will be filled with color, scents, shapes and emotions. The Martin de Senteurs roses do not exceed 120-130 cm in height. Pruning should be done once a year, in spring.