Santana roses form a beautiful climbing rose with large blood-red flowers. The noble-shaped buds open into very large and full flowers with a light and delicate fragrance while the leaves appear bright and lush with a rather dark green color. These roses can reach a maximum height of 3 meters. Santana roses are a particularly suitable variety to create romantic pergolas of great visual impact.

Santana: Cultivation

Growing these roses is not particularly difficult. The first step is to immerse the roots of our Santana roses in a container of warm water for one night before proceeding with sowing. Once the work is done, the plant can be planted paying attention to the type of soil it needs. This must be dissolved and rich in compost. It is necessary to press the soil well after sowing and irrigate abundantly. Regarding the exposure, the santana rose prefers sunny positions. In this way a splendid and luxuriant flowering will be obtained. Pruning must be performed every spring.