Watering succulent and succulent plants

Watering succulent and succulent plants

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Watering succulent and succulent plants:

Succulent plants store a large amount of water in their tissues, so they are very resistant to drought, since when rainfall is scarce or absent they reuse the water contained in their tissues; it is therefore not true that the succulents must not be watered, otherwise they are no longer able to replenish their internal reserves and mummify. This type of plants need watering only when the climate is hot and dry, therefore we avoid watering them during the winter, but from spring until September we remember to supply water, even if rarely. We intervene with watering only when the soil is really very dry, leaving it dry even for a few days before wetting it. When we are going to water the succulents we keep in mind that they are often potted in very well drained and dry soils, and we will have to insist a lot to moisten them completely; then water them rarely, but with good amounts of water, which will have to wet all the soil contained in the vase. If the soil is very dry and sandy, it may happen that the water supplied by us is completely drained from the soil, it is therefore necessary to insist, supplying water for a good period of time. If the earthen bread around the roots was dry and hardened it may be useful to water our succulents by dipping the pot in a container full of water, making sure that, like a sponge, the soil absorbs all the water it needs to moisten to better.


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