Layering bonsai

Layering bonsai

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Layering bonsai:

The layering is a method by which to remove an entire branch from a shrub; the rooted branch will become a new plant. To prepare a layering it is necessary to have a good quantity of moss, a small box, some wire, a plastic film and a small amount of rooting hormone. Put the moss in a container with water so that it moistens perfectly. With the help of a grafting knife we ​​practice a cut in the bark, in the area where we want to root the branch; along the cut we completely remove the bark that covers the stem, creating a bare ring at least 5-7 cm high, which we will clean perfectly. Using a clean brush we dust the uncovered wooden ring with rooting hormone. Carefully apply moistened moss around the cut. We press with our hands to make it adhere to the stem and to compact it; with the help of the wire we wrap it so that it remains firmly in place above the cut made. Wrap the plastic film around the moss, which we will fasten to the ends with another metal wire. For the rooting of the layering it is essential that the moss remains moist, therefore we avoid leaving cracks in the plastic film, especially in the lower part of the bag created around the layering.


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