Cultivate ferns in the garden

Cultivate ferns in the garden

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Cultivate ferns in the garden:

Most of the ferns present in our homes are grown as houseplants, often because they belong to tropical species, which fear the cold. However, there are many species that are well suited to being cultivated in the garden; they are usually particularly decorative varieties belonging to the kinds of ferns that we can admire in the damp and shady woods. This type of plants prefers to be planted in well-shaded places, excessive exposure to sunlight causes the leaves to yellow or an excessively light color; the right lighting instead leads to fronds of a dark and healthy green. To cultivate ferns in the garden it is necessary to recreate the climate they can enjoy in the woods; therefore in addition to shading we must remember to provide our plants with very regular and frequent watering. We will always try to keep the soil moist, but not excessively soaked with water; we concentrate watering especially in summer, while we can thin it during the cold months. In particular, during the hottest and drier periods we remind you to vaporize the foliage of our ferns quite regularly, so that they can enjoy the right environmental humidity. From March to October, every 12-15 days, we mix the water of the fertilizer for green plants; or at the end of winter we spread on the ground, near the ferns, a slow release granular fertilizer, which will melt over 4-6 months. Ferns need to be grown in slightly acid, cool and light soil; we can put them to dwelling by mixing with the garden soil of peat and leaf mold or finely chopped bark.


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