Maple cultivation

Maple cultivation

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Maple cultivation:

Japanese maples represent an inexhaustible source of attraction in any garden. These plants do not tolerate stagnant water, so it is advisable not to bury them too deeply and to place draining material on the bottom of the hole. Then we place the plant paying attention to the position of positioning, usually the best side should be turned inside the garden. Cover with soil mixed with pumice, exerting good pressure to firmly anchor the plant to the ground. As for the fertilizers, the ideal would be a light mulching fertilizer at the end of autumn, but you can opt for other types of chemical and organic fertilizer even in early spring. After planting the plant will be abundantly irrigated to avoid the formation of air folders at the root level. The plant will be cut at the end of autumn, the cut will be of containment and cleaning, this cut also serves to give the plant the shape we want. Japanese maples are trees of easy cultivation, there are various species, with foliage of various shapes and colors. We choose the species that best suits our garden and our needs. Recall that in general the specimens grown from seed tend to grow faster than those that are grafted.


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