Prepare a bonsai on rock

Prepare a bonsai on rock

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Prepare a bonsai on rock:

Style bonsai on rock It is said Ishitzuki style, with the roots of the plant sinking partly into the ground, or with the plant completely clinging to the rock. Before attempting to prepare a bonsai of this type we will have to choose a decorative rock, which will marry harmoniously with the plant that we have decided to cultivate according to this style, and possibly rich in cavities, in which eventually place some soil. The plant to be cultivated according to this style must have part of the root system already exposed outside the ground, and well lignified; if we don't have any bonsai that presents these characteristics we can create it over the months; take our plant and periodically raise one or two centimeters of soil from the pot, so as to discover the roots; temporarily we can insert small rocks in the cavity that will be formed between the stem and the ground, between the roots. When the plant shows a large part of the root system in the air, we can move it to the stone of our choice. We insert the stone in the vase and weed out the bonsai from the ground, washing the roots from the remaining earth. Then we proceed by resting the plant on the rock, and we fix the part of the root that will remain in the air to the rock; for this purpose we use raffia, or even thin bonsai wire, taking care not to over-tighten the roots, so as not to damage them irreparably with thread marks. Then we proceed by covering the part of the root that will be covered with bonsai soil. If instead we are preparing a bonsai rooted on rock we will place the entire root system in a cavity of the rock itself; It is therefore important to find a suitable rock, which has one or more large cavities, and also a suitable bonsai, whose root system is contained and can be inserted in a restricted space. Also in this case we can use the aid of raffia or metal wire to stop the roots from the rock, and also specific soil, wet and sticky, which will help us to "cement" the plant in the rock cavity.


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