Protect the first fruits in the garden

Protect the first fruits in the garden:

In the months of January and February it is possible to start preparing the garden for early sowing. However, the newly planted plots must be protected from frost to allow the seeds to develop correctly. The simplest way, often used on leaf salad plots, is to cover the entire plot with woven fabric, of varying thickness depending on the climate, more or less rigid; after preparing the soil and sowing the chosen salad, water the soil, if necessary, then cover it with the interweaving, which must be fixed to the ends of the plot, using jumpers in wire, or even pebbles, so that the cloth is not moved by the wind or animals; It is always advisable to avoid over-tightening the sheet, leaving it soft instead, so that the developing leaves can raise it without encountering resistance. If we want to grow vegetables with greater development we can instead prepare special tunnels, which will cover the plots; in this case it is advisable to prepare not too deep plots, so as not to have to make too large tunnels. In this case we proceed by preparing arches with a metal rod, or special flexible tubes available on the market, with a diameter equal to that of our parcel more than 10-15 cm, and about half or more high; these arches will be secured along the already sown and watered plot, spaced 50-70 cm apart. Outside these arches we will ensure the woven or plastic film; in this case the chosen material must be specially cut to a width similar to the outer length of the arch, and at least 2-3 meters longer than the plot: in this way once the sown soil is covered we will leave enough material at both ends to close the entrances to the air