Application of metal wire

Application of metal wire

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Wire application:

If we wish to change the trend of branches already lignified in our bonsai, or even semi-woody, we can use the wire technique.
It is applied around the branch of the malleable metal wire, and then the branch is bent giving it the inclination and the desired trend.
We proceed by preparing a portion of wire about twice the length of the branch we intend to bend; then twist the wire to the branch, starting from the base, wrapping it in spirals, trying to wrap it in a very regular manner.
We will take care to practice this intervention when the plant is in full vegetative growth; remember to choose a wire of the most suitable diameter, and composed of an easily foldable material, such as copper or aluminum.
It is good to pay attention during the positioning of the wire, since coils that are too narrow can lead to unsightly scars that will remain on the bark for a long time; we also remember to remove the thread after a few months, or when the branch is developing in the direction we want, otherwise with the development of the plant the wire will incise the bark.
We also remember to choose a metal wire with a diameter suitable for the branch that we intend to fold: let us avoid using a very thick wire to wrap a small branch.


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