Apartment plants

Ficus - Ficus elastica

The success of ficus as indoor plants derives from the fact that these plants tend to adapt even in less than optimal conditions; in order to have a healthy and luxuriant plant let us place it in a beautiful large vase, filled with excellent universal soil, well rich and quite drained; then we position the vase in a luminous place, possibly where the passage of people does not lead to continuous stress of the foliage, which could irreparably ruin it: we look for a corner where the plant can enjoy a good amount of space. If we place the plant against the wall remember to turn the vase often, to avoid that some areas become empty due to the lack of light and air.Crop requirements

From March to September we regularly water our ficus, always waiting for the soil to dry between one watering and another; every 12-15 days we mix the water with the fertilizer for green plants. During the cold months let's water the plant only sporadically, preventing the water from stagnating in the soil. These plants can withstand fairly cold temperatures, and even sporadic frosts, so in southern regions they could be grown outdoors; It is however a good idea to grow them in pots, so that they can be sheltered in a sheltered place in case of particularly cold winters. In the central northern areas, on the other hand, it is cultivated only as a houseplant, although in winter we can safely place it in a not particularly heated place, with minimum temperatures close to 8-10 ° C.

Ficus - Ficus elastica: A tree in a vase

Recall that in nature this plant becomes a tree, very broad and branched; if we cultivate a ficus for many years at home it may also happen that it reaches a considerable size. To prevent its dimensions from exceeding those allowed by our apartment, we can contain them by pruning the plant every year, in spring or in autumn; this practice, in addition to maintaining the ficus of better manageable dimensions in the home, which also allows to obtain a more densely developed plant, with leaves also in the lower part of the stem. In September or April we shorten the outer branches of our shrub, without fear of ruining it; a good pruning generally leads the plant to quickly issue new shoots, which will enlarge the foliage. Potted plants often tend to be placed at home in a corner where they will remain for their entire life; in this place they tend to develop in a less harmonious way and to accumulate the dust present in the house. To avoid this sad fate to our ficus let us remember to move it outdoors in spring, in a well ventilated and bright place, even if not directly exposed to the hot sun rays. Periodically, with the help of a microfibre cloth, we clean the large leaves from the dust and dirt that easily lurks there.