Topping of the branches of a bonsai

Topping of the branches of a bonsai:

To obtain a compact bonsai with small foliage it is advisable to practice all year round with the topping. This practice consists in shortening the newly developed branches to leave only 2-3 new leaves. In the case of prebonsai or very small plants, topping can be done even after having allowed the new branches to grow for many days, so as to obtain very strong branches. This practice, with the passage of time leads to the formation of small sized foliage and branches with short internodes, very pleasant in a bonsai plant. If the bonsai we are growing is a conifer, the topping will occur by pinching the tips of the branches, taking care to shorten all the external branches; in the case of conifers with long needles at the beginning of autumn, we intervene by removing most of the needles, leaving only 5-6 towards the top of the shoot. In this way, new and increasingly compact and branched shoots will be formed. In the case of junipers or cypresses with large stages in autumn, a drastic topping can be practiced by scissoring the outside of the boxes already formed.