To cultivate the cherry tree

To cultivate the cherry tree

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Cherry plants are easy to cultivate, quite rustic and vigorous, they do not fear frosts, even intense ones. They settle in a very sunny place, since the absence of direct sunlight often causes the lack of flowers; for some varieties it is convenient to plant nearby some plants, so that the cross-pollination of the flowers guarantees good fruiting. The adult cherry specimens do not need watering, while the young trees, recently placed at home, need sporadic watering, which provide at least a couple of buckets of water during the hot and dry summer days. They strongly fear the water stagnation, therefore we place the cherry trees in cool and very well drained soil, avoiding to water them excessively. Pruning is generally practiced only in the first years of plant development, so as to give the foliage a broad and well-ventilated shape; the adult specimens are not pruned, except in the case of broken branches or ruined by the winter cold or the bad weather. For some varieties it is instead important to periodically remove the basal suckers, which tend to develop rapidly, to the detriment of the main plant and the fruits. The fertilizations are done in autumn and at the end of winter, providing mature manure, to be spread at the foot of the stem, or of slow release granular fertilizer, rich in nitrogen.


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