To cultivate impatiens

To cultivate impatiens

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Cultivate impatiens:

Impatiens, also called carolina, is one of the smallest most cultivated annual flowers; the flowering is continuous, from May-June, up to the cold autumns, and
small plants have few needs, the most commonly cultivated species is the Wallerian. They are positioned in a well-lit place, but not
excessively sunny: the light favors flowering, but the more hours of direct sunlight the plant receives and the more it will need water, to keep turgid.
its fleshy stems; in addition, excessive exposure to sunlight often causes burns on the foliage. The soil will be light and soft enough
well drained. Throughout the vegetative season we try to keep the soil around our impatiens very cool and fairly moist by watering
regularly, even daily in the middle of summer, and even mulching the soil with bark or leaves, so as to avoid complete evaporation
water. Every week we add water to the watering fertilizer for flowering plants. These plants develop at most for 15-25 cm of
height above the ground, they are therefore suitable for creating low flower beds, borders, and also for growing in pots.


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