Growing evergreen jasmine

Growing evergreen jasmine

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Growing evergreen jasmine:

The evergreen jasmine is a rustic plant, which can be grown quietly in the garden, since it does not fear the cold; it is planted in the ground or even in a vase, however, providing a large flowerbed or a large container, since being a climber, it produces a quite conspicuous root system, therefore it requires a good amount of soil in which to sink the roots. We prepare a good rich soil mixed with mature manure. The branches of jasmine are fickle and flexible, and tend to develop a lot, even in a single vegetative season; the young plants must necessarily be placed near a trellis, to which to secure the first low branches, so that when they grow they tend to climb on the support provided. During the vegetative season the plant should be watered only when the soil is dry, and at least a couple of times a year spread around the stem of a slow release granular fertilizer. After flowering the excessively elongated branches are shortened, so as to better contain the exuberance of the plant.


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