Grow a creeper in a pot

Grow a creeper in a pot

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Grow a creeper in a pot:

It is not always possible to put our plants in the ground; on the terrace, or even in the garden, we can also grow a vine in a vase. First of all let's get a nice large vase, so that our creeper finds enough space for its roots; we can use a bell jar, provided it is of good size. We place our creeper, taking care to place it at the same depth as it was in the pot in which we purchased it. If we don't have a wall or a grating to which the creeper can stick, we can build a structure that keeps the plant well developed in height. Using some thin bamboo rods, we build a high cone around the plant, driving the canes deep into the ground, and fixing them all together at the top with wicker or nursery wire; we avoid using an excessive number of canes, otherwise inside the cone the plant will not receive sunlight and air, favoring the development of insects and diseases. With the help of the nursery wire we fix the branches of the creeper outside the cone of reeds, in order to invite them to develop covering the structure prepared by us. If the climber were to be very vigorous, we could reinforce the structure by placing circles of wire at regular intervals inside the structure itself, to keep it solid.


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