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Laurel is an aromatic plant widespread in nature throughout the Mediterranean area; it is planted in full sun, in a well bright and ventilated place, and over the years it can reach the size of a small tree. It does not need a particular type of soil, as long as it is placed in a place without water stagnation; it easily supports drought and summer heat, it is however a good idea to water the beautiful plants that have recently been planted during the beautiful season. Do not fear frost. It has vigorous development and, although it tends not to grow too quickly, every year it produces numerous new branches; if placed in a small garden it is necessary to contain it through a careful pruning, the shrubs left to themselves tend to become quite bulky, filling all the space they have available. Pruning is practiced at the end of winter, removing any branches damaged by cold or sick; a second operation is done in late spring, after flowering, shortening the apex of all the branches. If we have space available we can avoid pruning the laurel every year, even if it is a very fast method to obtain many leaves, which are used in the kitchen as aromatic herbs, both fresh and dried.