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The range of garden furnishing elements is expanding more and more, as the needs of those who wish to enjoy the garden with the same comfort of the interior space are always greater. The garden chaise longue is an armchair that allows both lying and sitting positions. Initially born as an indoor armchair, designed to allow a more comfortable seat, due to the fact that the legs remain in a relaxed and not bent position. The idea of ​​being able to use this type of armchair even in the garden is very interesting. Compared to the traditional deck chair, the chaise longue offers definitely greater comfort. The models that have evolved over time have also led to the creation of chaise longues with a particular design.

Models and materials

The path of the garden chaise longue starts with traditional wooden models. Wood, as we all know, is a natural element that finds an important use for the realization of outdoor furnishing accessories. It is durable, maintenance-free and fits well in green space. Specifically, the chaise longue can be equipped with wheels that allow it to be moved, or have fixed feet. The support structure is made of wooden slats, and a cushion can also be used to make the armchair more comfortable. The back of the chaise longue can be tilted at different heights, or it can be completely extended to form a garden bed. Another material that is widely used in this sector is plastic. The structure of the plastic chaise longue is almost the same as the wooden one, and even in this case you can have the model with wheels or fixed feet. Furthermore, chaise longues can be made of wrought iron, aluminum, resin, rattan, or other natural materials. All the materials used are chosen for their resistance to atmospheric agents. Rattan, for example, is a material that allows the creation of chaise longues that can find perfect union with any type of furniture.


Today, the search for ever new shapes that can capture the attention of those looking at our garden has led to the creation of chaise longues with truly unusual shapes. Leafing through outdoor magazines, you realize how this sector has expanded considerably. The research focuses not only on new forms, but also on the use of unusual materials that can give the chaise longue a truly unique look. If in the past the chaise longue was one made with natural materials, such as wood, today the garden can be enriched with chaise longues in bright colors, made with an aluminum structure. However, these are highly sought-after pieces of outdoor furniture, the cost of which is certainly not content. They are real works that, being also quite functional, combine a profound aesthetic sense with usefulness. At the chaise longue it is also possible to combine other elements of the relaxation area, such as armchairs, small tables, or ottomans. The use of cushions certainly makes the seat more comfortable, the latter can be purchased together with the armchair itself or sold separately. The cost varies depending on the model and the material chosen. Usually for a private garden you buy a maximum of two or three chaise longues, due to the fact that this type of armchair takes up considerable space. They can be placed by the pool or under a gazebo, and in both cases they are a place where you can refresh yourself in peace.


Their main function, in fact, is to make the moment of reading a book or a simple rest pleasant. There are several chaise lounge companies that aim to make this product the spearhead of the entire line. As mentioned before, the more particular models, having also a rather high cost, are not always available in the store. It is therefore important to inform yourself in advance about the local dealer. A chaise longue is undoubtedly an element that captures the interest of those who visit your garden, and it is for this reason that you must carefully choose the model and above all combine it with the rest of the garden furniture. However, even if you decide to buy a particular chaise longue in contrast with the rest of the furniture, this could become the element that enriches and differentiates the aesthetics of the garden.

Chaise longue: Use of accessories: cushions

Referring to the more particular chaise lounges, which can represent a trendy element, there are some models that apparently seem very uncomfortable, but which, actually trying the seat, turn out to be extremely comfortable. The choice of using cushions or not is entirely personal, some think that these can conceal the beauty of the chaise lounge structure, others instead consider them an element that enriches its beauty and serves to increase its comfort.