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Planters made of plastic offer many advantages over other models: no maintenance is required, they do not age, do not deform, they are resistant to any temperature. The plastic is a material that can be shaped in any shape, therefore in the market you will find planters suitable for any kind of plant. The structure can be smooth or textured, just like stone planters. The plastic does not require any maintenance, because it does not age and once purchased this lasts in unlimited time without the need to spend any more money for the purchase of protective substances or whatever. Despite being a very light material, it is shock resistant and does not deform, it is waterproof and is resistant to any temperature. For resistance to temperature we indicate a condition of both excessive heat and very low temperatures: in both cases the plastic will not suffer any damage. In addition to all these positive characteristics we must add the economy, since plastic planters have much more accessible costs compared to other models made with other materials.

Variety of models

The market is very diversified, also because the demand is always greater, so much so that the plastic itself is no longer only produced in the standard version but reproduces in its design also the grain of the wood. In this way the wood is reproduced on plastic material, and the effect is however very pleasant. Even the colors have changed a lot, following a different scale, from darker to lighter wood, still in plastic. Each plastic planter is equipped with drainage holes. These are holes made on the sides of the planter, which allow the excess water to escape, so that the plant's roots do not rot. The lack of holes is a big problem also because the same rainwater remains trapped inside the container and this compromises the health of the plant. When the plastic planter is no longer used, it will only be necessary to wash it thoroughly and let it dry, then place it in a closed place and use it later.

Variety of colors and sizes

Plastic planters can be used both in the garden and on the balcony, and can be of different colors. Once the plastic planter was made in the classic terracotta color, but today the tendency is to create planters even in very bright colors. Two popular colors are black and white. The structure of the planter always has a convex edge, which allows to easily raise the vase even when it is full. The dimensions are very different, just to guarantee a fairly wide choice and to adapt to the type of plant that will be placed there. The double bottom guarantees a reserve of water especially for those plants that in summer have a need to be watered very frequently. When you buy a plastic planter, you need to know in advance what kind of plant you will be placing, because depending on its size you will have to choose the size of the planter.

Combination with the grill

The plastic planter with the grid for climbing plants is one of the most used models to create a sort of partition between one area and the other of the garden. The grid can be part of the planter or be purchased later, it is also made of plastic, it is assembled and disassembled, occupying a very reduced space when it is not to be used. Climbing plants in a garden, especially if bordering on that of the neighbor, allow to obtain a more reserved corner and away from prying eyes. Paying attention to all the tricks that make the plastic planter a very useful and above all durable garden object, it will be possible to guarantee the planter an unlimited duration. When buying, in addition to taking into consideration the price, it is also necessary to verify that it has all the features that can make it an indestructible object.

Plastic planters: Adaptable to personal tastes

Today plastic is one of the most used materials for garden furniture. Those who are fond of wood can still choose the plastic version that reproduces the aesthetic effect. The market diversifies the offer precisely to guarantee anyone a targeted choice according to their needs in relation to the pre-existing garden furniture. Thanks to the introduction of colored plastic, the garden can have a note of color that will make it more current and certainly different from the traditional garden. The vases can be stored in the garage, stacking one inside the other, so as to occupy a very small space when they are not used. A plastic planter fears absolutely no comparison with other materials, since it too is practical, economical, beautiful and above all resistant.


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