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The covering systems for a swimming pool are essentially two: the cloth and the cover with shutters. The sheet used to cover the pool must be made of a rather resistant plastic material. Often, especially for above ground pools, it can be quite uncomfortable and complicated to place it on the structure, which must be done so as to prevent rainwater from filtering it. The cloth is used both at the end of the day of use of the pool, and when the pool must be covered for the winter period. However, it is necessary to make distinctions between the various types of cloths. In fact, it is also possible to purchase the thermal roof for daily coverage. It is a cloth capable of trapping the heat accumulated by the water during the day and avoiding its dispersion during the night, so that the next day the water remains warm.

Roller shutter cover

When the pool is not prefabricated, but it must be built, it is advisable to provide it with submerged shutter covers. The material is treated in such a way as to be resistant to chlorine and not to be stained, the operation is automatic and is activated by means of a motor, the slats run in such a way as to cover the entire basin starting from an edge. The same operation involves rewinding the shutter, which seems to disappear into thin air. It is a widely used system, because it makes the appearance of the pool more pleasant during the winter period. Furthermore, there is also an emergency system that allows the cover to be activated manually. If the pool is already built, an external roller shutter can be installed. The winding takes place at the edge of the pool, and even in this case everything is activated by means of a remote control. Those who have a swimming pool already built, can decide at any time to install this system, considered one of the most practical and comfortable. Furthermore, it is an indestructible system because it is designed in such a way as to guarantee unlimited use.

The cloth

The cloth used for the winter period, on the other hand, must be a rather thick cloth, fixed correctly, to avoid that even small animals can settle in the pool. The covering with a cloth for a rather small outdoor pool is a rather comfortable method. The same cannot be said for larger pools. In this case it is preferable to avoid buying the sheets that are not specific, because you risk only making an unnecessary expense. At the point of sale where you buy the pool you can also buy the cover, obviously of the same shape and size of the pool. The covering with cloth is also valid for in-ground pools, for which the winter cover is made of special material: light, floating, waterproof and frost resistant. The system is fixed by means of an anchorage on the sides of the pool, so that the closure is total. The color is green-black to prevent them from filtering the sun's rays. When we refer to an isothermal covering, we speak of a structure welded in such a way that it does not drain. The opening of this cloth takes place mechanically, especially for large pools where it would be unthinkable to do otherwise. It is important to underline that the techniques described so far make all the anchoring components completely invisible. This means that the pool, during the winter, must be perfectly covered by a large sheet, which leaves no entrance crack even for the rays of the sun.

Swimming pool covers: Telescopic cover

Another form of cover is the telescopic one, which consists of creating an aluminum and glass structure with sliding doors around the pool. In this way the pool is completely inserted in the garden during the summer period, while it remains covered during the winter period. For large swimming pools, it is advisable to make this system automatic opening and closing. The heat accumulated during the day disperses with difficulty and this allows for a constant water temperature. Furthermore, if the pool and the environment have a heating system, it will be possible to use the structure even during the winter period. The telescopic cover is able to adapt to any size and model of pool, so, unlike the sheets that are made in the standard version, this structure also offers the possibility of creating pools with an unusual shape. The more extensive the coverage structure, the higher the cost to be incurred. Moreover, between the edge of the pool and the structure it is necessary that there is enough space to allow the passage. This space must be tiled or covered with specific outdoor materials, which should not be heated too easily during the summer.