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Children's houses


The children's playhouse is a small house generally made of plastic, where there is a door for the entrance and a series of windows in a space large enough to allow children to find themselves inside. It is located in an open space as it is equipped with a waterproof roof and therefore children can enjoy themselves even on rainy days. The size of the cottage allows children, as long as they can get inside, to be able to use it. The plastic used is very resistant, colored and easily washable, an important feature because, leaving the house outside even during the winter period, it is always recommended to wash it before it can be reused by children in the spring. It is an excellent game for socializing because children have the opportunity to have fun being together. The children's playhouse must be located in a garden area where there are no dangers. Only in this way can children play freely and have fun. The space must also be sufficiently large for them to run. The cottage thus also becomes a sort of refuge, in which the child can feel protected. Using this simple shelter, he can also develop a series of other games.


The plastic children's house, even if there are several models, is a structure that always keeps the same characteristics. What could change is the color. Placing it in a space sheltered from the sun, the house tends to discolor with less ease and above all it can be used for children even during the sunniest days. As mentioned earlier, even if the children's playhouse is generally made of plastic because it is a material that has proved to be suitable over time for garden games, in some cases we can find models made of wood. The wooden house, in addition to being purchased, can also be made personally. However, care must be taken to avoid leaving wooden slats that have not been perfectly leveled or nails, which would represent a serious danger for children. The wooden house is certainly less common, also because the plastic one is much more practical and economical. In reference precisely to the economics of the plastic house, we can say that it is a garden game that the child will use for many years so it is an expense whose cost, although not excessively high, will still be amortized in a short time.


The children's playhouse is mounted directly by the customer because it is only a matter of fitting the various elements. On the package there are usually all the information necessary for correct assembly. Assembly time is rather short so the child can start using this new game as soon as it is purchased. The structure, if placed in a sheltered area of ​​the garden, will not be directly subjected to winter weather and this will allow it to be preserved in a better state.

Where to buy

The children's house can be bought at stores that sell children's items, but also at points of sale for garden furniture. In the past, there weren't many games in the garden furniture stores, unlike today. In fact, since the garden has become a space that can be used for a long time by the whole family, for many it becomes a need to have an area where children can have fun in complete safety. For this reason, in every garden we always try to create a space in which to place a small house, or even a slide or a swing. The purchase can also be made on the Internet, always turning to specialized sites. This mode of purchase is chosen above all by people who have little time to devote to shopping and therefore prefer to be able to access the purchase at any time of the day. The article is chosen by viewing a series of photos and reading the descriptive sheet for each of them. Delivery takes place directly at home. The customer must always verify that the product that was delivered corresponds first of all to the one he ordered, but above all that there are no broken elements. Should this be the case it is necessary that the whole house be returned to the sender exercising the right of withdrawal. All purchases that are made directly on the Internet are covered by warranty. In this case, compared to the traditional store, you have the inconvenience of having to return the item, while in the store it can be returned directly.

Children's houses: garden games: Models and prices of children's houses

Like most outdoor games, and not only, even children's houses have different costs depending on the various needs and the model you choose. There are so many models on the market, from those in wood to those in plastic, from those in the shape of an Indian hut to those with or without a veranda. As it is easy to understand there is not a well established price, for this reason it is advisable to go to the sales points or consult on the internet to compare the various models and their relative prices, in order to make the right choice, more suited to your needs and your wallet.