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The foosball table, also known as table football, allows you to pleasantly entertain kids, and not only them, who challenge each other in passionate and exciting matches. The foosball table can also be purchased and installed at home, among other things it occupies a rather limited space. It is a table in which there are twenty-two players, half red and half blue, all the same. Those who maneuver them play exactly as if they were the players on their team. For many people this game represents a real passion, it is a game known all over the world. Moreover, it is a very ancient game, which has never been substantially modified.


Alejandro Finisterre was the one who invented the table football. On this table a soccer match is simulated, two teams are challenged, each with their own color. The shapes of the players are maneuvered with skill and quickly to prevent the opponent from scoring. The used ball is made of plastic. Obviously to play you need to have a certain practice, but you learn very quickly since it is a game capable of involving even the smallest, since it is enough to be animated also by a good football spirit. Those who play table football know endless moves to manage these little players and make their team win.

Where to place it

It is advisable to store the foosball in an enclosed place inside the house because, in the long run, if it remains in contact with water, it could be damaged. Moreover leaving it unattended in the garden in winter strong gusts of wind could move it and there is a risk that it could be damaged. For this reason it is usually placed under a veranda and in the summer it is moved outdoors, also because, being not very heavy, it is also easily transportable. During the summer it may be necessary to cover it with plastic. The plastic is indeed a protection, also during the summer it is advisable not to leave it in areas that are too sunny in the garden to prevent the entire structure from becoming discolored. In winter, moreover, considering its size, it can also be moved inside the children's room. For many kids, even though it is often a game that also affects girls, it is essential to have a foosball in the room to have fun with friends. Moreover, keeping it always inside, there is no risk that the table football could be damaged.

Where to buy

Table football is also a game sold at children's game sales points. This is a rather popular article that fascinates young people of every generation. Having a table football at home means having a meeting place available, since everyone can participate in a match and challenge each other. We are used to seeing table football in recreation centers or at the oratory because it is also a useful tool to encourage socialization. At the time of purchase you realize that by spending a rather affordable cost you give your child a game that he can share with friends and that will therefore always remain usable. Also on the internet it is possible to find suitable purchasing solutions, above all because it is possible to open different web pages of different sites to choose the model that seems to have the best price and guarantee a good quality. Those who cannot spend much time on shopping will find on the net the possibility of making purchases at any time of the day without any restrictions. Furthermore the purchase on the net is covered by the same guarantees of a purchase in a traditional store and, if the ordered foosball table should present some defects, the right of withdrawal can be exercised. If it is a gift for your child he could also be present at the purchase to give him the opportunity to choose the model he likes best.

Il Biliardino: Costs

To find out the price of a table football you need to go to a store that specializes in kids' entertainment, but if you prefer to stay quietly at home and choose the best model without the need to shop, the internet is an excellent alternative. On the internet it is possible to compare different models in a short time and thus have the possibility to check the price difference. Many set a precise budget to spend on outdoor games, so they need to find the article that best matches their needs.