How to make it easier to grow tomatoes outdoors?

Growing tomatoes outdoors - the process is quite laborious and requires compliance with many rules and subtleties. This culture is extremely demanding on the level of illumination and is quite strongly susceptible to the effects of all kinds of diseases and pests, which is repeatedly complicates her care. However, growing tomatoes outdoors can be made easy and effortless if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Tomato seedlings must be planted not earlier than the end of May - beginning of June. This vegetable does not like acidic soils, so it is advisable for it to choose a site in which ash and lime were composted last season. At the same time, it is highly desirable that the predecessors of tomatoes turn out to be any crop, except for potatoes. It is also very important to provide plants with normal soil heating conditions, therefore, it is necessary to place seedlings so that between each bush in a row there is at least thirty centimeters of free space.

Further care for tomatoes consists in regularly clearing the area from weeds to ensure that a sufficient amount of sunlight reaches the ground and, as a result, it warms up normally. The fruits of this vegetable are not poured too quickly, therefore watering tomatoes is necessary regularly, but little by little (waterlogged soil, as well as too dry, is destructive for this culture). Medium and large-fruited tomatoes also need to remove excess inflorescences, pinch and form, and when growing small-fruited varieties you can do without these procedures.

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